What We Do

Did you know that over 50,000 not-for-profit entities fail every year? It`s not because they do not have strong teams, visions and missions. They don’t succeed because they do not have the proper foundations on which to build and grow.

NFP Advisors LLC understands the challenges faced by not-for-profits every day. You need to focus your time and resources on your mission, leaving little time for your critical day-to-day operations – ensuring that your organization is set up properly, instituting sound financial management and controls, and maintaining strong corporate governance practices.  

NFP Advisors LLC was created to help small and mid-sized not-for-profit corporations fill the gaps in their resources. We provide hands-on assistance to help you set up your organization the right way. Whether for a long-term need, or for one-time assessments and problem solving, we can help. No full time CFO? Never done a formal risk assessment? Need documented policies and procedure manuals? We can help you. Many larger consulting firms ignore the smaller entities, the entities that need the most help. We understand your limited operating resources and work to be part of your team, offering  affordable help when you need it.

NFP Advisors LLC is a woman-owned firm that is focused solely on the smaller entities. Our only goal is to help you to succeed. Let us assist to build a solid platform and a strong foundation on which to grow. 

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